Project Mission

The charter of the Open Ontology Repository (OOR) Initiative is to the promote the global use and sharing of ontologies by:    (17ZH)

  • 1. establishing a hosted registry-repository;    (17ZI)
  • 2. enabling and facilitating open, federated, collaborative ontology repositories, and    (17ZJ)
  • 3. establishing best practices for expressing interoperable ontology and taxonomy work in registry-repositories.    (17ZK)

(ref. )    (17ZL)

… where,    (19K3)

“An ontology repository is a facility where ontologies and related information artifacts can be stored, retrieved and managed.”    (19K5)

Note that the “Open Ontology Repository (OOR) Initiative” is supposed to be an independent effort, and is only being incubated in the Ontolog collaborative work environment, for the time being.    (1K4W)

Current Action Items (responsible/champion)    (17YQ)

  • All members who don’t yet have a populated “namesake page” on this wiki to put their respective affiliation, (obfuscated) email address and bio’s there.    (1822)
  • All active members to enumerate what they are ready to ‘bring to the table’ with respect to this initiative.    (1826)
    • please make your entry (along with links and references) at: OOR/ActiveMemberContribution    (1827)